Horizon Zero Dawn PC gets patch for crashes and performance problems

At launch the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn was a bit of a mess, working just fine on some machines – like it did in our review on a mid-range desktop – and then terribly on other systems.

That launch was exactly a week ago and developer Guerrilla has been working since then to shore things up, which has resulted in the new 1.01 which is available now.

Full patch notes are available here, but the two main focuses are reducing crashes and increasing (or at least stabilising) performance.

Crashes on startup, GPU-related hangs, performance problems on certain hardware combinations and more have all been addressed.

On top of this, under the “other fixes” section, there’s mention of “Fixed several backend issues”. Hopefully all the small changes like this result in a smoother experience overall.

Aside from what has been already addressed about the developer is going through a compiled list of problems posted onto the Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit. It seems that the issues there will likely be sorted first move other

If you’re playing the game and experiencing any problems, you can report them on the Guerrilla website. The report page also doubles as the FAQ section for the PC port so you can see if your issue has been addressed yet, or if a workaround exists.

Patch 1.01 has also, apparently, improved the collection of diagnostic data, so when you experience problems the game may automatically let the developer know about it before you do.

The patch is tiny at just 1.5MB and you may have already downloaded it if you have automatic updates turned on. Next week yet another patch like this is planned.

As always we defer to the wisdom of Digital Foundry who looked into the PC port and found some oddities with it, some of which we hope will be fixed with these patches.

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