Monster Hunter has outsold Street Fighter 64 to 45 million

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Capcom has released a PDF showing off its quarterly report for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2021 and it has revealed some interesting numbers about the sales of its major franchises like Monster Hunter.

Of interest to use is the final page of the report – “4-2. Supplement: Our Major IP”. This section deals less with the quarter of business itself and more with overall numbers for its largest IPs.

Below are the lifetime units sold numbers for those game franchises:

  • Resident Evil: 103 million
  • Monster Hunter: 64 million
  • Street Fighter: 45 million
  • Mega Man: 36 million
  • Devil May Cry: 22 million
  • Dead Rising: 14 million

While we’ve always known that Monster Hunter was a beloved franchise we wouldn’t have guessed that it could have beaten our Street Fighter which has such a large competitive community and esports system.

As for Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, Capcom has also mentioned how the latest launches for each title held up.

Resident Evil 3 sold more than 2.7 million units and Monster Hunter World : Iceborne sold 5.8 million. Monster Hunter World on its own has garnered 16 million sales.

As expected COVID-19 gets a mention for its impact on the gaming world, but in Capcom’s report it talks about it through the perspective of the arcade business. For its three month highlight it reports “same store sales” as down 63 percent. Despite that there is some good news.

“Stores located in areas less impacted by COVID-19 showed steady recovery, returning to profitability for month of June,” The presentation notes.

Japan has had a large fluctuation with coronavirus cases and the state of the country. At one point it was a hotbed for infections, then there was a long streak of reduced numbers, only for fears of a resurgence to happen recently after thousands of new cases.

We’ll have to wait another three months for the next quarterly report to see how that affects Capcom and others.

[Via – Twinfinite]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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