People played 28.5 million hours of the Marvel’s Avengers beta

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After three weekends of beta access Marvel’s Avengers is on track for its release on 4th September, and some interesting numbers about the beta have been shared.

If you participated in any of the weekend events you would have received an email recently thanking you for playing, and providing some statistics about what everyone got up to.

  • Collective hours played: 28.5 million
  • Number of enemies defeated: 3.5 billion+
  • Number of players who maxed out a character: 240 000
  • Most popular item in the marketplace: Iron Man Chroma Lux

Interestingly the 240 000 player count for maxing out characters is said to be “less than 5 percent” of those who played in the betas. If we assume a straight five percent, and by doing some napkin math, that should mean that around 4.8 million people played the betas in total.

Another smaller stat here is that the popular Iron Man Chroma Lux skin was bought 640 000 times.

If you weren’t one of those 4.8 million people who participated, you can read our thoughts on the PC beta here. It was a fun time overall but it had some deep-rooted problems that we doubt will be fixed by the time the 4th September released comes around.

Ahead of the launch there will be another War Table stream to watch. The previous two War Tables acted as smaller presentations to reveal parts of the game.

With so much of it already revealed, and played through by the community, we have to wonder what this version of the event will focus on. We’re still hoping to catch a glimpse of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man. 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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