Showmax Pro launches in SA today according to mailer

Right at the beginning of July, Showmax announced that a new subscription tier would become available in Nigeria and Kenya.

Showmax Pro is that subscription tier and according to a mailer sent out to subscribers, it launches in South Africa today.

“We’re writing to let you know that from 19 August 2020, we’ll be offering a new subscription plan – called Showmax Pro – in your territory,” reads the email.

In addition to this news, Showmax has also updated its terms and conditions and so far it’s pretty standard stuff. We are currently reading through that document (as one should) and we’ll let you know if we spot anything untoward.

The folks at Showmax have also preserved the previous terms and conditions so that you can compare the two documents.

The Showmax FAQ section has also been updated to include what sport we can, and can’t expect on Showmax Pro.

Unfortunately don’t have information about how much Showmax Pro will cost in South Africa.

Right now a Showmax subscription costs R99 per month which is in-line with what Netflix charges. Our hope is that Showmax Pro comes in below or equal to Netflix’s Premium tier which costs R169 per month.

We’ve fired off a barrage of questions to Showmax and we’ll be sure to provide updates as and when we receive them.

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