Valve and Devolver Digital skins may be coming to Fall Guys

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Fall Guys – the immensely popular obstacle course battle royale – may be getting even more crossover skins for the games characters in the coming weeks.

The game already had themed skins like this for Gordon Freeman from Half-Life and the Scout from Team Fortress 2.

It’s no surprise then that a leaked skin revealed by user @HypexFG, which was apparently data mined out of the game, features another property from Valve in the form of Portal.

For those playing the game on PC there will apparently be a skins based on the character Chell available.

What’s more surprising is the crossover with publisher Devolver Digital for its game My Friend Pedro from 2019. My Friend Pedro has been doing rather well in the last year or so with an upcoming TV show and now this crossover.

According to @HypexFG these two crossover skins will be available on PC in September.

Devolver Digital has a second game included here too, the absolutely superb roguelike Enter the Gungeon.

This skin is of a Bullet Kin, the sentient shells in the game which form many of the enemies and are used as something of a mascot for the game.

Should these leaks be right this will be available in just a couple of days.

While the above are arguably the most exciting they are not the only ones to have been revealed in this way.

In follow up tweets @HypexFG shows off several other skins and shop items for the rest of August. All of these are embedded below.

It really speaks to the success of Fall Guys, on top of its bombastic launch, that there already seems to be a community around data mining and finding leaks like this. While we won’t get into the morale and ethical ramifications of such actions it’s promising to the future of the game that people give enough of a damn to snoop around.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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