Facebook unofficially officially reveals the Oculus Quest 2

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It seems that Facebook has had a bit of a misfire when it comes to revealing the Oculus Quest 2, the direct upgrade to the standalone Quest VR headset.

Several people have found a Facebook Blueprint site dedicated to the product. While the site is still up at the time of writing several details and videos have been stripped from it, but these have been captured and uploaded elsewhere. The videos have since been re-uploaded and hosted on YouTube, which you can watch in the embeds on this page.

This video, titled “inside the upgrade”, highlights that a lot has been changed. It’s apparently smaller and lighter compared to its predecessor with changes to the straps and controllers for better ergonomics.

The display is stated to have “over 50 percent more pixels than quest”. The Quest has an OLED display with a 1440 X 1600 resolution, and the video above states that the Quest 2 will have the highest resolution of any headset from Ocolus so far.

Other hardware includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, 6GB of RAM and an optional 256GB of internal storage.

Oculus Link is also confirmed for the Quest 2.

This second video reiterates many of the points of the previous one, while throwing around a lot of “nearlies”. The screen is a “nearly 4K display” which means “nearly 2K per eye”.

While the Quest 2 is indeed impressive in this early showing, we don’t know how much it will cost just yet. On top of that Oculus’ reputation in the VR community has been tainted ever since its acquisition by Facebook in 2014. More than that Facebook accounts will be mandatory to use Oculus hardware starting next month.

There are other problems too like the restrictive software platform of the Rift Store. As we learn more about the Quest 2, including more official reveals from Facebook, it will be interesting to see if these problems will be overcome by a solid product offering.

[Via – Upload VR]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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