htxt.africast – PS5 pricing and Huawei’s hardware on the horizon

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In this sponsored edition of the africast – brought to you by Huawei – we talk about the new devices coming to us from Huawei Developer Conference (HDC).

Before that, however, we have the news with two big developments in the last week: South Africa’s alert level and the price of new consoles.

The country will be moving to its lowest level yet as lockdown is reduced to alert level 1, and the PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed starting at R9 999 for the discless Digital Edition, and R11 999 for the regular one.

Back to the HDC and we got to interview, remotely of course, Akhram Mohamed, CTO for Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa. We spoke about all the shiny new tech that the company is producing and when we can expect it in the country. We also discuss the local retail landscape and what the impending move to level 1 means for Huawei’s ecommerce and in-store plans.

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