You can expect Gigabyte RTX 30 series GPUs in SA next week

Yesterday saw the release of add-in board partner GPUs for the Nvidia RTX 30 series of GPUs.

Thanks to an invite from Gigabyte’s Aorus team we were able to see the new cards unveiled and the best way to describe them is “THICCCCC“, as the kids say.

Before we get into the details about pricing and availability, we need to outline the different versions of the GPUs Gigabyte and Aorus are bringing to South Africa.

Let’s start with Gigabyte.

This is described as the “standard” product and within the Gigabyte brand you will find the Gaming OC and Eagle OC iterations. Here, the Gaming OC models have slightly higher specs than their Eagle OC siblings and they feature a four-year warranty.

You can see how the Gaming OC and Eagle OC iterations compare on paper over at this URL.

Aorus is the premium tier brand and here you will find unchained performance. The Master and Xtreme iterations of GPUs will be available under the Aorus brand with the Xtreme versions featuring the brand’s new MAX Covered Cooling, a vapour chamber and what we’d describe as unhinged performance.

When can you get them?

While RTX 30 series GPUs went on sale in the US on Thursday, South Africans will have to wait a bit longer to spend their money on some new tech.

As regards Gigabyte we were told that cards should arrive “next week” with Aorus cards arriving in the next two to three weeks.

While you wait, local etailer Wootware has set up a page where you can drool over the new cards.

As for pricing well, brace yourself.

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 EAGLE OC R23 299
AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER R26 599
GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3090 EAGLE OC R48 999


We should make it clear that the above is the MSRP and local retailers will likely put their own markup on these cards.

You can read more about the Gigabyte and Aorus RTX 30 series GPUs over at this URL.

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