Hot Wheels comes to World of Tanks today

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World of Tanks, the rather popular armoured vehicle MMO, is now crossing over with the similarly popular toy brand Hot Wheels.

Today – 22nd September – the Hot Wheels season in World of Tanks kicks off. As expected this season will feature content based on the toys with exclusive conceptual tanks based based on classic Hot Wheels.

“Every World of Tanks: Hot Wheels player can earn rewards through the standard season progression. They’ll receive their rewards every three levels, all the way up to the final World of Tanks: Hot Wheels season Level, Level 100. We’ll have plenty of challenges along the way to help them build up points and rise through the Levels quickly. We know they’ll want to, because waiting for them upon completion of Level 100 is one epic reward: the Tiger Shark Spähpanzer tank!”, reads an announcement of the crossover.

You can see some of the new tank looks, including the Tiger Shark, below.

As expected for these kind of living games there is a season pass on offer as well as a so called “Ultimate Pass”.

The season pass adds two additional Hot Wheels tanks while the Ultimate Pass adds more on top of that such as the ability to skip 25 levels in the season.

The base World of Tanks game is free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While we’ve never put any serious thought into jumping into a game like this we do have to admit that this new season would be a good reason to give it a shot. Tanks are already cool but blue tanks with flame decals are that much cooler.

Both World of Tanks and Hot Wheels are no stranger to the videogame crossover. Just recently the former featured content based on The Boys TV show, and the latter was famously the subject of an expansion in Forza Horizon 3.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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