Aquanox Deep Descent will feature 4 player co-op mode

THQ Nordic and Digital Arrow’s upcoming first person underwater vehicle shooter, Aquanox Deep Descent, releases mid-October. In this gameplayers will be able to control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce underwater combat and explore a deep ocean that looks downright gorgeous.

The game’s entire premise is summarized as follows:

“In the near future the Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable. What remains of humankind lives in former mining and research stations, deep below the surface of the sea. Born and raised in the only world we know, the loose network of underwater settlements, torn by the war for resources and dominance between various factions.

Take control of a team of highly trained fighter pilots and experience an epic story in the dark world of Aquanox. Send your enemies down to Davy Jones’ Locker with well-aimed torpedoes, shrapnel blasts, mines and more in a journey that takes you across the world’s oceans and into the deepest trenches of our Earth.”

THQ Nordic and Digital Arrow have confirmed that apart from the PvP aspects of the game, the game’s story mode campaign will feature online drop-in co-op supporting up to 4 players.

You can check out the game’s new co-op trailer below to see it in action.

Aquanox Deep Descent is a re-imagining of both the gameplay and world of the original AquaNox series. The Aquanox series has its roots in the game Archimedean Dynasty which released way back in 1996, which was followed by AquaNox in 2001 and AquaNox 2: Revelation in 2003. The original games can still be purchased on Steam but it’s great to see a modern re-imagining of an old franchise in the works.

Aquanox: Deep Descent launches on October 16th 2020 on PC via Steam with an SRP of €29.99 / $29.99. Unfortunately no South African pricing is available right now but we’re expecting it to be around the same price as the dollar conversion (~R510) judging by previous THQ Nordic releases on the platform.


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