Can’t watch Tenet? Well you can listen to its OST now

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With Tenet not showing everywhere in the world, and seeing it being a health risk to others, you can still enjoy a part of it from home as the original soundtrack is now available to stream .

The full OST is available now on Spotify right here, and we’ve embedded it below too. If Spotify isn’t your thing it’s also up on the official WaterTower Music YouTube channel. This services as a channel to host the original music in Warner Bros.’ movies

On Spotify it was quietly uploaded by Tenet’s composer Ludwig Göransson who has also worked on The Mandalorian, Venom, Black Panther, the Creed movies and many more.

So how did Göransson do?

In our review of Tenet we already spoke about how great the music is despite the overall audio mixing being downright atrocious. While dialogue in the music is nigh impossible to properly hear, the music fares better and we could hear it just fine in the theatre.

Listening to it at home the tracks are still great. Our favourite of the bunch is “Freeport”, but that’s not too much of a surprise as it’s been in some of the trailers (like this one) and it really gets you going.

Other standouts for us are “Trucks in Place” and “Sator”. The latter features what seems to be heavy breathing and the sound of a ventilator. You may have noticed characters in the trailers and marketing material using a breathing mask.

This has nothing to do with the coronavirus and instead is linked to something completely unrelated in the movie. We won’t say what as it’s a spoiler, but if you’ve not seen it yet this part, and other similar breathing and medical machinery sounds, may pop up and be confusing.

There are 18 tracks in total coming to 86 minutes. They’re all made to accompany a thriller, so they can make you feel at edge.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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