Reddit DMs its users to update its privacy policy

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If you have an account on Reddit you may have used the site recently to find a direct message (DM) in your inbox from none other than Reddit itself.

The website has sent DMs to its users to inform them of an update to its privacy policy and user agreement. We’ve been using Reddit for around a decade now and we don’t recall ever receiving a direct message to inform us of such things.

Then again, maybe it has happened in the past. Like we said we’ve been on the site for ten years now and that much time on Reddit can’t be good for your brain.

Regardless the DM does provide highlights of the changes:

  • “We made small updates throughout our policies and terms to make them clearer, more specific, and easier to reference.
  • We updated our Privacy Policy to include additional details on how we handle your information and added a new notice that describes how we use cookies on Reddit.
  • We added new terms to our Reddit Premium and Virtual Goods Agreement related to cancellation and refunds.
  • We deleted references to Reddit Marketplace, which is no longer a part of our services.
  • We updated usage rules to better specify things you cannot do on Reddit and Reddit Gifts.”

If you have an eye for legalese and the complex web that is internet agreements, the updated documents from the site are available here:

These changes to Reddit will take effect on 15th October 2020.

While we’re on this site often, as mentioned earlier, the last time we ran into it externally was actually in the recent game Marvel’s Avengers. Kamala Khan and those fighting against AIM seem to use a knockoff version of Reddit to organise their efforts.

Kamala Khan browses a knockoff Reddit in Marvel’s Avengers

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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