Registrations now open for Explore Data Science Academy’s fully sponsored 2021 learnerships

As we begin to near what has been a truly chaotic 2020, for some the new year offers up the opportunity to learn new skills. This is why the Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA) has opened up registrations for its fully sponsored data science learnerships happening at the start of 2021.

The learnerships are 12 months long and kick off on 11th January, with EDSA noting that no restrictive requirements are in place in terms of an applicant’s education level. That said, they are restricting applicants aged between 17 and 35 from registering, with an aptitude test needing to be passed via the EDSA website.

“Our learnerships are distinguished by their focus on solving real world business problems. We teach our learners to work in teams to solve problems using the latest data science and machine learning technologies that prepare them for the world of work. Our results so far speak for themselves,” notes Explore Group CEO, Shaun Dippnall.

The institution has long highlighted the success rates of those who graduate one of its learnerships, and in particular the earning potential for those with an accredited data science qualification under their belts.

“We tracked 85 students who have secured permanent positions or contracts for 12 months or longer. Their current average annual salary is R408 000,  while their combined annual salaries totalled to more than R35 million. And this is in a depressed economy,” Dippnall enthuses.

Acutely aware of the challenges that COVID-19 and lockdown has presented from a learning perspective, the Explore Data Science Academy CEO also notes that this is something that has gone into how the institution will deliver the curriculum.

“Given our experiences in 2020, EXPLORE now offers robust, resilient and flexible teaching systems for virtual full-time study in the event that future restrictions prevent students from safely resuming on-campus studies,” he points out.

To register for the 2021 data science learnership, or find out about of EDSA’s other courses, head here.

[Image – Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash]

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