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Sony to highlight more games during PS5 showcase this week Wednesday

Last week, the big news in gaming was the pricing reveal, both globally and locally of the Xbox Series X and newly unveiled Xbox Series S. As such, many were looking to Sony and the PlayStation 5 for a similar announcement, but at the time of writing, nothing official has come out of the Japanese company.

That could change on Wednesday evening, however, with Sony confirming that a PS5 Showcase is happening via a 40-minute long event.

If you’re hoping that Sony will finally reveal the price of its disc and disc-less consoles, it remains to be seen, with a blog post accompanying the announcement noting that upcoming games and titles under development will form the focus of the PS5 Showcase.

“Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!),” the post explains.

“Our next digital showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners,” it adds.

As such, we still could waiting for Sony to place a price tag on the PS5. As we discussed during last week’s edition of the africast, the pressure is on Sony to impress with its pricing, especially as the Xbox Series S is looking like a truly great value for money next-gen console.

Hopefully Sony can give a price, because right now, Microsoft has edged ahead of it as far as the next-gen console wars go.

Either way, we’ll be eagerly watching the the Showcase come 22:00 local time on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, as we’re intrigued to see what other titles and projects are in the works for the PlayStation 5.

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