South Africans can’t make it into Xbox’s ‘Hall of Fame’

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With the Xbox One due to be supplanted by the Series X and Series S in November, Microsoft is running one last hurrah for its console in the form of the newly revealed Hall of Fame… if you happen to be in the right country.

The Hall of Fame is an initiative to reward Xbox One players with prizes, with the big ticket item at the top being, of course, a shiny new Xbox Series X.

Between 1st and 19th October players can register their Gamertags and then, well, just play their games. Throughout eight categories participants can fight it out to be the top of the ranks and rake in the prizes.

“The Gamerscore Legend challenge, for instance, will be won by whoever has racked up the most points during the lifetime of Xbox One. If you only jumped into the console later on, don’t worry. There are five other Xbox One trials just for you, all with much shorter qualifying periods,” reads the announcement.

And for the kicker you probably figured out from the headline: the Hall of Fame is not open worldwide. If you go to the dedicated website for the event and find the message below, you’re out of luck:

“Unfortunately, this promotion is not available in your region, but you can still join us in the next generation of gaming.”

The next generation of gaming is, of course, the Series X and Series S, both of which are being officially sold in South Africa.

For those lucky enough to be in supported territories one winner from the eight categories will be picked from each country. They will win the aforementioned Series X, 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a hoodie and a trophy.

For those in South Africa and other countries not supported by the Hall of Fame, we have to recommend against trying to compete with new accounts and VPN trickery. Going through all the effort to try and win will likely mean being disqualified at some point. Imagine winning a Series X and then being DQ’d right at the end.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of