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The internet is having a field day with the Xbox Series S

It’s been less than 24 hours since Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S which is a landmark for the next generation of consoles as the first piece of hardware to be priced.

This has ramifications for the entire economic system around software and hardware from both Microsoft and Sony… but what the people really want to talk about is memes.

The unique look of the Series S – with its large circular vent and diminutive size – has made it ripe for jokes and image edits.

That vent is also reminiscent of a speaker grill which many people have cottoned on to, on top of comparing it to a single eye present in the designs of many characters.

As the Series S was officially revealed on Twitter, many of the best edits were posted there as a reply to the official Xbox Twitter account.

Due to the ephemeral nature of this kind of content and the propensity for it to be shared without attribution, we’ve embedded what we believe to be the original tweets down below.

That being said the fantastic Plankton edit, which you can see on this page, seems to stem from Twitter user @FourScore64, but it has been reposted many times since then and sent around directly on platforms such as WhatsApp and Discord.

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