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Windows 10 Insiders testing GIF search, voice typing & better keyboard in latest Preview

There are a few new features headed to Windows 10, or they could be at least, as Microsoft recently detailed what its latest Preview Build 20206 contains for Insider members. This specific Build appears to be aimed at adding more functionality to how Windows 10 users search for media and type via the operating system.

More specifically, there are new ways to search for emoji and GIFs, as well as improved voice typing with support for several languages, along with some refinements to the touch keyboard experience.

It should be noted that not all features rendered in Build Previews find their way to the fully fledged version of Windows 10. That said, outside of any significant bugs or issues being discovered, we expect these new features to head to Windows 10 with relative ease.

So what’s included?

The first thing is improvements to how users search for emoji and GIFs. As you can spot in the header above, a new layout is present for these kinds of searches, as well as having an inline search bar for more languages when looking for specific emoji.

Added to this WIN + [.] and WIN + [;] will enable you to quickly input animated GIFs, with this library of media constantly being updated, according to Microsoft. Before you start wondering how much storage space this will take, Microsoft says that to embed GIFs you will need an active internet connection. GIFs will be pulled from Tenor’s library.

Next is voice typing, which too has seen a few improvements to enhance the overall experience. These include automatic punctuation, a new design and automated backend.

There are also specific commands being added to the mix, with a number of languages and dialects currently supported – English (US), English (Australia), English (India), English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spanish), German, Italian and Japanese.

Lastly the touch keyboard is getting a slight overhaul, with new press animations and sounds. This is paired with the ability to undock the touch keyboard and move around the screen where needed, which is quite handy indeed if you’re multitasking or have multiple windows open on a larger panel or display.

Unsurprisingly emoji and GIF search is also being added to the touch keyboard. Another interesting feature being tested out is using the space bar as a cursor, although it remains to be seen whether it will be utilised more than the conventional trackpad.

There’s also the usual long list of big fixes included in this Preview Build too, which you can peruse in full here.

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