Xbox Series X controllers will also come in ‘Shocking Blue’

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So far we’ve seen the new Xbox controller come in two flavours: Carbon Black for the Series X and Robot White for the Series S. Now we know a third option will be available at launch: Shocking Blue.

Shocking is definitely the right way to describe this controller. Unlike its monochrome brothers the Shocking Blue variant isn’t the same colour all around, instead featuring a white back case and black for its D-pad, ABXY buttons and shoulder buttons. Only the top case and sides are actually blue.

We found this variant to be, well, rather ugly the first time we saw it. It has kind of grown on us, however, and we’ve come to like it and we’re looking forward to seeing it in person.

The Shocking Blue controller was announced on the official Microsoft blog Xbox Wire as the headliner for the new accessories which will be launched with the next gen consoles come 10th November.

While the focus here is on console accessories, those on PC are not left out.

“­­­For our fans who prefer to game on PC, we’ve updated our PC controller bundles to include the new Xbox Wireless Controller in Carbon Black. Choose between the Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 bundle for freedom of movement, or play connected with the Xbox Wireless Controller + USB-C Cable bundle. You can also connect these controllers to your PC with Bluetooth,” reads the Xbox Wire post.

The trio of Xbox Series X / S controllers, as well as the optional rechargeable battery pack.

Like many other Xbox controllers a rechargeable battery pack is also available as a separate purchase. We were desperately hoping this new generation would mean that Microsoft would finally make this a standard inclusion with controllers, but it’s not to be.

This pack does thankfully use USB-C and claims to charge up in four hours even if you’re actively using the controller that’s being charged. As far as we can see, however there’s no mention of the battery capacity or how long you can play for on a full charge.

In terms of pricing Microsoft reports that these controllers, regardless of colour, will sell for the same $59.99 as previous gen controllers. The optional battery pack and USB-C cable will go for a rather hefty $24.99.

Local retailer Raru has the prices of these accessories as follows:

In the last bit of Xbox accessory news the Xbox Design Lab – which allows for the creation of custom controllers – will go offline from 14th October and open up again in 2021.

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