Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition arrives with tons of demos

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In a bit of a surprise Steam has announced another event. It’s not another site-wide sale but instead the Autumn Edition of the Game Festival which emphasises trying out upcoming games by way of demos.

Between now and 13th October you can head to the dedicated page to find the games being featured during the event.

On that page there are constant livestreams from the developers so you can see their games in action, together with interviews and Q&As.

But the real thrust of the event is playing the games yourself. To that end we looked through all the featured games and found these interesting ones which have free demos going right now:

Cyberpunk shooter Ghostrunner is likely the best known name on our list but the others are a bit more obscure.

Override 2:Super Mech League is a 3D fighting game featuring, you guessed it, mechs. The first game didn’t do much to impress us but this sequel has our interest, especially because of the fact that it will feature playable characters from Ultraman.

Everspace 2 is another sequel, this time of a spaceship roguelike. Also similar to Override the first game didn’t leave a lasting impression, but we’re happy to give it another shot given the great premise here and another chance to live out our space combat dreams.

Strange name aside D.E.E.P.: Battle of Jove is also a game based on spaceships. It ditches the roguelike mechanics of Everspace 2 for ” fast, campaign-based arcade gameplay with next-gen graphics for an experience known since Star Fox”. That’s quite the bold claim so it’s good that we have a demo to put it to the test.

Finally there’s Gonner 2, another roguelike sequel. All the trippy visuals of this weird shooter / platformer have returned from the original.

These are just our top picks from the Game Festival Autumn Edition, and we highly recommend checking it out yourself. There’s so many demos available that you could easily get through the upcoming weekend, and then some, on this free software. Remember to wishlist the games you like so you’re alerted when they come out.

Override: Mech City Brawl will get a sequel this year

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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