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Five ways technology is revolutionising gaming

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Written by Sarah Sasani on behalf of

Gaming is one industry that is heavily dependent on technology. After all, it’s the technological achievements that brought gaming to the most remote corners of the world.

We are not talking about the new and powerful CPUs and GPUs, but about the other technologies that have revolutionised gaming.

With so many technological advancements, it may appear challenging to point the finger at those that transformed gaming.

Here are the five ways technology is responsible for building a new landscape for gamers worldwide to help you out.

Augmented Reality Elevates Games

We have all witnessed the Pokémon Go craze that hit every country. People running around the streets hunting for the new and rare heroes became our reality overnight. It was all powered by augmented reality (AR).

AR has the power to unlock new potential for game studios.

There were dozens of studios competing who would deliver a better AR-based game. If anything, it revolutionised the approach to gaming as a whole. It enabled players to engage with games in a brand-new way.

The accessibility is also not an issue. Even the affordable mobile phones are equipped with powerful hardware, thus making AR games available to everyone.

Virtual Reality for More Immersive Experience

Although similar to AR, virtual reality (VR) is a tech on its own. It uses specific hardware to deliver new gaming experiences to gamers. It didn’t get traction as expected by many.

Nevertheless, it belongs to the family of technologies that revolutionise gaming. At the moment, it’s the only tech that enables players to completely disconnect from the real world and dive deep into the world of gaming.

VR is built to create a new immersive reality – players can interact with. Surprisingly, it comes without limitations. Some would expect to see only FPS games migrated to VR. Over time we could see co-op mind puzzles, rhythm, FPS, racer, and adventure games arriving at the VR platform.

Streaming Brings Games to Every Household

To play a game, you either have to own a PC, Mac, smartphone, or some of the video game consoles. You have to buy a game, install it on your local drive, and play solo or with friends.

Thanks to advancements in cloud and streaming technologies, there’s a new way to play games emerging on the horizon. Say hello to a video game streaming platform.

Google is the first major player to launch such a platform. The name of their platform is Stadia. It will enable anyone with a device with Google Chrome installed to play any of the blockbuster titles.

All it takes is an internet connection, and players can enjoy any game they want. This development is huge, and we will have to wait and see if the adoption rates will be high enough for the big brands to respond.

5G to Finally Set Mobile Gaming Free

One thing that fast-paced online games rely on the most is a stable internet connection. There is a reason why most of the games remained LAN-based until we had optic cables and ADSL.

However, the connection is no longer only land-based – smartphones and tablets rely on mobile internet to enable people to engage with online games.

So far, we have had access to 4G mobile connection speeds. The latest technological breakthrough enabled 5G – a connection that offers speeds 10 and up to a whopping 100 times higher than 4G.

With 5G, the new era of cloud gaming can begin. It means less latency, a super-fast connection, and more fun with games anytime and anywhere.

VPN Improves Security, Stability, and Speed

With online gaming becoming more and more popular these days, gamers become more concerned about their online security and privacy.

Having antivirus and firewall tools active is simply not enough to mitigate the threats as the connection with remote servers remains unencrypted. However, virtual private network services can be a new way for gamers to add additional protection layers.

With a reliable VPN service provider, such as Atlas VPN, gamers can now play their favourite games, knowing that their connection is secure.

On top of that, a VPN can make a connection more stable, improve speed, and reduce lag – a number one enemy of gamers who enjoy hard-core PVP action.

Since VPN helps you spoof your IP address, it is also possible to get better deals for online games or items that you purchase in-game. This possibility is always a plus for gamers, right?

Technological advancements create disruptions in most industries. However, the gaming industry seems to be very fond of technologies and breakthroughs.

In fact, it thrives on it. All the technologies we’ve gone through have revolutionised gaming.

Some of them helped improve the gaming experience and make games more accessible, while others increased security for gamers online.

[Image – Photo by Teddy Guerrier on Unsplash]