LEGO’s Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t a remake

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In all of the Star Wars media ever created the 1978 Holiday Special stands in infamy for being outright terrible to the point where Luke Skywalker himself jokes about it from time to time. Now LEGO is having a shot at the concept, but it unfortunately won’t be a remake.

The toy company recently shared a rather morbid poster announcing the movie – a severed LEGO hand you can see above, addressed to Skywalker from Darth Vader. Putting aside dismemberment being the focus of a kid-focused property, many who saw this started to believe this would be a fun remake of the original that could poke fun at its heritage.

The LEGO Star Wars games, for example, are maybe best known for their humour so this would fit right in.

Unfortunately a proper description of the movie, as posted on the official Star Wars website, confirms this is not the case.

“This November, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, — which premieres on Life Day, November 17, 2020 on Disney+, — will reunite Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, Rose and all your favorite droids, from R2-D2 to BB-8, for a joyous feast on Life Day, the holiday first introduced in 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special,” the description reads.

So while certain elements of the original will be retained, especially the important Life Day event which is supposed to be a Star Wars parallel for Christmas, this does seem to be something entirely new.

From the Star Wars site we also find out that this will be set after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. While this LEGO animation likely won’t be canon, it is interesting as a piece of media set after the ending of the sequel trilogy.

Unfortunately there’s no trailer to go along with this announcement. Aside from the severed hand reveal poster there is a title card and two screenshots revealed. All four of these can be found in the gallery below:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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