Because of the remaster you can’t buy NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 anymore

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EA has just recently announced that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit would be remastered and launching in November. For those who would prefer to buy the original on PC instead, well that’s not really an option anymore.

The Steam listing for the 2010 version has had its “Add to cart” button removed and the option to subscribe to EA Play through Steam to get access to the game is missing too.

Using the Wayback Machine we can see that the last snapshot of the store page was captured on 7th September. On this day we can see that the two options to access the original game are still available:

On Steam at least, you can still easily find and access the store page for the 2010 game. On EA’s own PC platform Origin things are more dire.

If you search for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in any capacity only listings for the remaster will appear. If you’re logged into an account that purchased the game in the past you can only access the game in your library.

Again, as far as we can see, there’s also no option to buy the 2010 version.

The reasons for this are rather obvious: if you can’t buy the original game then you will have to buy the remaster. This is particularly infuriating when you consider some of the reception to the remaster reveal trailer embedded at the bottom of this page.

Some have pointed out that they don’t see much of a difference between the 2020 remaster and the 2010 original, especially on PC where you can crank the graphics to suit your needs and your hardware.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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