Huawei to debut new Mate 40 Series on 22nd October

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While most Apple fans are eagerly awaiting details regarding the new iPhone devices later this evening, for those who are still loyal to Huawei, the Chinese company have confirmed that its next big product reveal is happening on 22nd October. The device in question is the Mate 40 Series, with a video recently appearing on Huawei Mobile’s YouTube channel confirming when the device will be revealed.

The event should prove interesting on a number of fronts, with the Mate 40 Series being Huawei’s second flagship device of the year.

It will also be the first new Mate-branded smartphone we’ve seen in some time, given that the unveiling and local release of the Mate 30 (pictured in header) was mired by Google ecosystem issues and ongoing US sanctions.

Another element we’re particularly interested in seeing is what kind of components this new device will be sporting, as traditionally the Mate Series features better specifications that the flagship P Series. There’s also the question of what silicon will be powering the device, with a Kirin-related announcement curiously absent from Huawei at IFA last month.

With many consumers still sitting on the fence regarding Huawei Mobile Services, it remains to be seen how the Chinese firm will continue to position the offering as an alternative to a lack of official Google Play access on newer devices.

Here’s hoping Huawei makes a statement and allays any fears for consumers, especially with more Chinese smartphone makers landing locally of late.

Huawei will be broadcasting a live streamed event on its YouTube channel on the 22nd, although precise start time is not known at this stage. As we understand it, the event should kick off at 16:00 local time, but more details are likely to follow in coming days.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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