Steam Halloween sale is here & will depart on 2nd November

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With Halloween happening tomorrow Steam has kicked off the sale dedicated to it. It’s live right now and will run until 2nd November, which is next week Monday.

As expected there’s a focus on horror games and other, darker genres. You can visit the sale’s main landing page to see the highlights but, as with all Steam sales, it’s best to go to your wishlist to see if any games you’ve been watching have been discounted.

It’s also worth using tools like this to see if any games you’ve had your eye on have reached historical low priced during this sale. Just remember not to look at things in a vacuum. For example Red Dead Redemption 2 is on sale for 33 percent on Steam but it may cheaper on the Epic Game Store depending on your regional pricing and if you still have one of those handy $10 Epic coupons laying around.

Similarly we’ve had our eye on Deep Rock Galactic, which is discounted by 30 percent on Steam right now, but will be available for no extra purchase on Xbox Game Pass in November. All of this is to say: look around before buying anything in this sale.

Back to Steam and several games such as Dead by Daylight and The Long Dark are running events to tie into Halloween and the sale, so this may be the time to pick this titles up or buy them while they’re reduced. These two games are discounted by 60 and 66 percent respectively.

After being introduced in the Steam Summer Sale this year the Points Shop has been updated with creepy items to spruce up your Steam profile. There’s an animated avatar, an avatar frame, a profile background and two emoticons. You can view these new additions in the Points Shop here.

From the emoticons we find out that the two ghouls used in the key art of this sale (see the header image above) are named Edwin and Millicent.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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