Unisa students: Here’s who to contact during your online exams

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) is kicking off its October / November examination period to cap off the second semester of 2020. Like the online exams in May / June students may ran into problems, so the university has provided a dedicated line of communication for this purpose.

The Student Communication Service Centre has been designated by Unisa as the place to direct queries around these exams.

It can be contacted at by phoning 080 000 1870, or emailing examenquiries[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za.

According to an announcement from Unisa here are the details you must include with your query:

  • “Your student number
  • Your module course code
  • Name of the college
  • Name of the Lecturer (if known).
  • A description of the problem.  Include the internet browser you are using, and its version (if known).
  • Information about your internet connection speed, if the issue involves pages loading slowly (if known).
  • Include a print screen of the problem if there is time.
  • The date and approximate time of your submission or occurrence of an issue.”

Unfortunately, while this is all very promising, Unisa has a terrible record when it comes to responding to calls and emails. This is something we talked to the school’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor about back in May, just before Unisa began its first round of online exams.

Despite this actually having a Unisa employee respond is still an exception rather than a rule. The announcement of the Student Communication Service Centre details has already been met with scepticism.

If the above contact details do not work, Unisa has provided alternate contacts which you can find below:

Student Communication Centre
Call Centre Landline: 080 000 1870
Department of Student Assessment Administration
Call Centre Landline: +27(0)11 471 2433
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Ms N Molefe
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CAESExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)11 471 3691
College of Accounting Sciences
Ms C Tuge
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CASExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)12 426 4456/ +27 (0)12 429 2982
College of Economic & Management Sciences
Ms P Ngcobo
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CEMSExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)12 429 8650/ +27 (0)12 429 4462/ +27 (0)12 429 3925
College of Education
Mr SM Shabangu
Coordinator Student Support
Email: CEDUExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)12 429 2645
College of Human Sciences
Ms. D. Mbengwane
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CHSExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)12 429 8285
College of Law
Ms L Boyi
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CLAWExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)12 429 4105
College of Science Engineering & Technology
Ms M Komane
Contact Center Supervisor
Email: CSETExams[at]unisa[dot]ac[dot]za
Landline: +27 (0)11 670 9228
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.