The King of the Monsters arrives in Fall Guys on Godzilla Day

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The King of Monsters, Godzilla, today arrives in Fall Guys as a purchasable costume.

Available in the in-game shop you will need to spend 10 hard earned crowns to unlock the Kaiju look.

What makes this costume a bit different – if an official Godzilla crossover just isn’t good enough – is what’s in the left hand of the monster. As you can see thanks to the zoomed in promo art above (as provided by developer Mediatonic) there’s a car joined to the costume’s hand. This is meant to help provide a sense of faux scale even though your Godzilla will be the same size as all the other beans in the game.

To help sell this effect there’s a smaller fall guy hidden inside of the car. We’re not sure this is going to be appreciated in the chaos of a game but it’s a nice edition.

You can see how this costume looks in action thanks to a short trailer embedded below.

Mediatonic has stated that “There may be some leaks of other things in this video… lol oops”. When we read this we were hoping for some early looks at leaked crossovers such as The Witcher and Untitled Goose Game, but the big reveal here is just some slight upcoming changes to existing levels already in the game.

As for why this costume has been released it’s because 3rd November is Godzilla Day which commemorates the monster’s “birthday” after its first film was released on this date in 1954. As its 66th birthday several other crossovers and events were announced by owner Toho. This Fall Guys event is our favourite of the bunch as it’s not Japan exclusive, but you can find a list of all Godzilla Day special events on the Toho International website, in English.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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