Design, fitness & battery life are woven into the DNA of the Huawei Watch GT series

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Smartwatches have only been around for a little under a decade, but already these wearables have become essential pieces of hardware for those who are tech early adopters.

The biggest steps as far as smartwatches go, however, have only been made in recent years, with most of the devices before that looking quite similar and touting the same sort of features and capabilities.

Coincidentally, the smartwatch space only started to heat up in the past two years, which just so happens to be when Huawei revealed its first-ever Watch GT device.

Now, 24 months later, the smartwatch maker has released several iterations to the Watch GT lineup, with the latest being the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro.

This new device, which is the pinnacle in terms of Huawei’s smartwatch making talents, serves up new premium materials to offer a chronograph-esque experience with the advantage of digital enhancements.

While the Watch GT 2 Pro is the latest and greatest that Huawei has mustered to date, it owes its success to the smartwatches that have come before, all of which focused on three key elements – design, battery life and fitness.

The Core Watch GT Experience

It is what the Watch GT lineup has become synonymous with.

An example of this is the up to 14 days of battery life that all smartwatches in the Watch GT lineup feature, with the GT 2 Pro boasting the same functionality.

This helps separate these Huawei devices from other competitor wearables in the market, most of which top out at four or five days before needing a charge.

The advantage of lasting up to two weeks without needing to visit a plug means that the Watch GT 2 Pro can spend more time tracking your workouts, measuring your sleep and pairing seamlessly with your smartphone (Android or iOS) to always keep you in the loop.

As far as design goes, Huawei has favoured the circular shape for some time now on the Watch GT series. This as there is a specific emphasis to ensure that the GT lineup looks like proper Swiss chronographs.

Where some have gone for odd square shapes for their smartwatches, the GT series keeps things classic, with an aesthetic that is both subtle and aesthetic.

The Watch GT 2 Pro retains the same design language, but now boasts an even higher degree of quality thanks to the new sapphire watch dial and titanium frame. Added to this is a waterproof design, which not only comes in handy for those who enjoy water sports, but also ensures a high standard of durability.

Rounding up the trio of core elements is fitness, with Huawei filling the Watch GT series with a wide gamut of sensors. For health and fitness enthusiasts, it has resulted in accurate and consistent tracking, allowing its users to see precisely how they are performing on any given day.

For the Watch GT 2 Pro, Huawei has taken things a step further with the addition of more than 100 different workout modes, some of which are customised specifically for niche sports like golf and skiing.

When it comes to all-around smartwatch performance, it is hard to look past the Huawei Watch GT series, and the new GT 2 Pro sets atop that impressive range.

Available locally for R6 999 (RRP) in Nebula Grey, you can pick up your Watch GT 2 Pro from the new South African Huawei Online Store, here.



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