The Epic Games Store now supports the South African Rand

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In an unannounced update the Epic Games Store now supports the South African Rand, allowing locals to view and buy games in our preferred currency.

Up until now the store has been priced in US dollars for South Africans, but there was regional pricing. Locally we would be paying different amounts compared to the US, but these prices were still in USD and needed to be converted to work out exactly how much we’d paying right then to buy games or DLC.

South Africa was not unique in that respect. While many countries have their own currencies supported, those that do not have this luxury also see prices in USD.

This really is a bit of a surprise. The addition of new currencies in the store is usually covered by Epic itself with an announcement. Back in August currencies such as the Mexican Peso and Swiss Franc received support and Epic updated its users to this.

For us and the Rand this has not happened and the store has simply changed on its own seemingly overnight. Some parts of the store haven’t even been changed yet.

If you go to the Epic Games Store FAQ page, for example, South Africa is still listed as using the USD at the time of writing. It seems not everyone at Epic got the memo.

EDIT: The FAQ has now been updated. 

The Epic Store now joins a short list of international stores which display their items in Rands and also provide regional pricing to the country. The other big name with these two criteria is Steam, which added the functionality back in 2015.

For those happy to see the Rand supported in this way but still don’t want to be spending money, here’s your reminder that Star Citizen and The World Next Door are free on the store right now.

A big thanks to Twitter user @LynleyJames who pointed this out:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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