Seagate’s Backup Plus drives offer storage with a Touch of class

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Storage has quickly become a necessity in the digital age, especially as the power and capabilities of smartphones and cameras shows no signs of plateauing.

Whether you’re a content creator making videos to publish online, or a photographer capturing images as a primary form of income, only three things matter to you when it comes to storage – size, speed and ease of use.

A trio of options

Luckily, the Backup Plus range of portable drives from storage specialist Seagate feature all three elements in spades.

Armed with drives that boast maximum capacities of 2TB or 5TB, depending on the model, the Seagate Backup Plus models won’t leave you wanting when it comes to storage size.

Said range comes in three distinct options – the Backup Plus Slim, Backup Plus Portable and Backup Plus Ultra Touch, all of which can work in Windows 10 or macOS environments, so there is no need to worry about what kind of device you’re hooking them up to.

Another feature across the board is USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 connectivity, with the former providing superior transfer speeds to ensure that you’re spending more time working and less time twiddling your thumbs waiting for files, photos or other data to move from one device to the other.

Added to this, the range topping Backup Plus Ultra Touch model features a USB Type C port on top of the USB 3.0/2.0 one. When it comes to connectivity then, this drive in particular comes well appointed.

It’s not just ports either that Seagate has thought about, with the Ultra Touch also boasting industry-leading security. More specifically the same standard of password protection and hardware encryption employed by the likes of the US government and other global intelligence agencies.

The result is peace of mind that is difficult to find on any other consumer drive on the market.

Easy as you like

Seagate has also gone to great lengths to make sure the backup process on these drives is as simple as possible, which is great for those who back up their data regularly in an enterprise environment, and even better for those who are a bit less diligent with those sort of habits.

The software tools available natively on these drives allow users to simply back up with literally one click, as well as schedule automatic backups hourly, weekly or monthly if needed. There’s also the ability to mirror folders within the drives, facilitating better file management too.

If that weren’t enough, creatives in particular will be pleased to hear that purchasing a Seagate Backup Plus drive will open up two months worth of free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography platform. This means you’ll be able to edit those newly snapped images that you’ve recently stored on the Backup Plus.

Lastly, for those who want a drive that looks more interesting than a simple black slate, Seagate has added some interesting design flourishes for the Backup Plus range.

The Slim and Portable models feature a polished aluminium finish for a premium feel, along with a wider colour gamut outside of the usual silver and black options, but those are there too if you’re not feeling adventurous.

The Ultra Touch also changes things up by offering textured woven fabric finish to its design, which again is unique to the range and helps distinguish this model as the top drive Seagate makes available.

To find out more about the Backup Plus range, as well as Seagate’s other portable drive options, head to Takealot.



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