More details trickle in about the GPD Win 3 Windows handheld

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The GPD Win 3 is a very unique Windows handheld that takes its form factor from the Sony Vaio UX. Since being officially revealed earlier this month, GPD has been slowly drip feeding us more information about the machine.

The latest of these, from just minutes ago at the time of writing, is analogue triggers. The triggers of the GPD Win 3 will apparently have 256 different positions as it rotates through 27 degrees.

Analogue triggers are usually preferred for racing games and shooters, as controlling things like a throttle become much easier when you’re not using a digital trigger which can only support two positions – on and off.

We’ve always known, through leaks, that the CPU inside of this device is the Intel Tiger Lake (Core i7-1165G7). What we now also know is that there will be two versions of this device: one with the aforementioned 1165G7, and another with the lower spec i5-1135G7.

These two will also seemingly correspond with two colour variants in silver and black.

These CPUs will be combined with 16GB of RAM and a 5.5inch, 720p screen.

Next up is size. When it comes to length and width we can again rely on past information to know that the GPD Win 3 is very close in size to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Unfortunately, when it comes to width, the Win 3 is a much bigger device. You can see it compared to the previous clamshell design GPD Win 2, as well as a side profile in the tweet below.

No exact dimensions are given but you can make out that it’s a rather thick device. We suppose this was to be expected given the slide out screen which makes the Win 3 so special.

No release date or price has been provided for the Win 3 just yet but, if rumours are to be believed, a crowdfunding campaign for it should pop up in January 2021.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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