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5 Ways to win a PlayStation 5 in South Africa

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The PlayStation 5 launched in South Africa last week and, even if you can afford either pricey version of the console, stock shortages mean that it’s sold out just about everywhere.

Thankfully a few companies are giving away PlayStation 5 consoles locally through a variety of methods, which have we have rounded up for you below.

Just a bit of note here: we’re not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these contests so any big changes or problems are entirely on the part of the organisers. All we’re doing is scouring the internet to find ways for you to win these prizes.

The upside of this is, because no one single body is overseeing these contests, you can enter them all.

Just make sure you take note of each contests individual requirements and rules. Sasol, for example, gives you two ways to enter, and the IIE MSA is only open to Matrics.

Burger King

How to enter: Buy a Chilli Cheese King meal and, using the unique code on your slip, dial *120*9688*uniquecode#. Alternatively: SMS your name and the unique code to 30115.

Closing date: 23rd December 2020

Number of winners: 25

More details in this link


How to enter: Spend R150 or more at a Sasol service station or Sasol Delight store. Take a picture of your slip and send it via WhatApp to 0860335444. Four PS5s are being given away like this.

How to enter: Follow Sasol’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages as well as the #SasolDelight hashtag where game hints will be released. Once a hint has been given go to the WhatsApp line (0860335444) and apply the game hint. One PS5 is being given away like this.

Closing date: 9th December

Number of winners: 4 + 1

More details in this link

Comic Con 

How to enter: Go to this Google Form and fill it out. That’s it.

Closing date: 1st December

Number of winners: 1

More details in this link


How to enter: Fill out this form (and be in Matric).

Closing date: 27th November

Number of winners: 1

More details in this link

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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