Cyberpunk 2077 stream DMCA’d for music? Email CD Projekt directly

We’re fast approaching the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on 10th December and those worried about streaming the most anticipated game of the year have been catered for when it comes to the tricky topic of copyright music.

While it’s always been an issue in the background streaming of copyrighted music came to the fore recently with the biggest name in the game: Twitch. On Twitch Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns started to hit innumerable content creators on the site after years of said creators operating just fine under Twitch’s rules.

That issue is still ongoing Twitch has admitted that it had poor rules and tools in place for this problem and simply recommended that streamers turn off music in games entirely and delete old content which may contain music en masse.

To assist in this issue Cyberpunk 2077 will have a menu option simply titled “Disable Copyrighted Music”. The game’s 150 plus list of songs will be altered to avoid playing tracks which could be claimed and cause trouble for those sharing the game with others.

This will apparently disable “a small portion” of those 150+ tracks.

While a menu option like this has been present in many other games what makes things a bit different here is that CD Projekt Red is willing to help where possible in this regard.

“As mentioned above, using the Disable Copyrighted Music’ toggle should prevent you from experiencing any copyright issues. However, if you run into any problems of this nature despite having the toggle on, be sure to check with us at We will try our best to help you” reads a blog post from the company.

How active that email address is, and how much sway CD Projekt Red has when it comes to the big music companies, remains to be seen. This is, however, is nice gesture on the part of the company making the game.


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