Deep Stone Crypt raid completion drops oodles of new content

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In the wee hours of Sunday morning, completions of the all new Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2: Beyond Light started happening.

The Contest Mode modifier made the Raid a real slog for players with execution of the encounters requiring pinpoint precision to avoid having to wipe and start over. While this might not seem that bad, ask some of the teams who spent upwards of eight hours in the Atraks-1 encounter.

Eventually there was a winner and that winner was clan Luminous.

The final moments of the final fight were intense and Luminous managed to keep their cool, even during the final stand.

The Deep Stone Crypt introduces the ability to target loot through completions. The details of this are still a bit murky but from the completions we’ve seen so far, you are able to select which loot you want from the final chest depending on how many Spoils of War you happen to have.

But the real winners of this Raid race are Destiny 2: Beyond Light players who weren’t raiding, although those who do Raid have a shot at the new Eyes of Tomorrow Rocket Launcher.

Shortly after the Raid was completed two pieces of content dropped – European Eclipsed Zones and an Exotic Quest for The Lament.

Eclipsed Zones are a new effect on certain areas of Europa. We won’t spoil more than that, so head off to the Exo Stranger on Europa for more information.

The Exotic Quest for The Lament is short but drops an incredibly interesting bit of lore and takes you to a previously unexplored area on Europa. One thing we will say is that Clovis Bray is one sick puppy.

But wait, there is more.

After Daily Reset on Sunday the next part of Born in Darkness (the post campaign campaign) kicked off and there is the promise of more lore and new Stasis abilities when that quest is complete.

Heading to Variks the Loyal on Europa also unlocked new Sabotage quests. Completing these will in turn unlock the ability to launch Empire Hunts from the Director. Launching into one of these Empire Hunts and successfully completing it will give you a chance to get Cloudstrike – the new Exotic Sniper rifle – to drop. From what we can tell the drop chance does not increase according to difficulty so don’t break your back on grinding 1280 Empire Hunts.

There are also new Exo Challenges which remind us of Ascendant Challenges from the Dreaming City.

The completion of the Deep Stone Crypt kicked off a number of events that we were not expecting at all and we’re hopeful that players have only begun to scratch the surface of what Beyond Light now has on offer.

Our only hope is that Bungie keeps the ball rolling.

Several story threads have been introduced that we hope are explored throughout the next year even if we don’t get answers right away.

For those looking to experience the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Contest Mode is now disabled. It goes without saying but the video below contains spoilers for the Raid.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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