How to win the Xbox Series X and Series S in South Africa

As with the launch of all new consoles, they’re being used extensively in promotions. What this means for you, the Xbox Series X and Series S, is that there’s lots of ways to win some new hardware for free.

We’ve scoured the internet to find a collection of contests and promotions which are offering these new consoles for free. These are all live in South Africa right now, and open for you to enter.

Before we get into the list, we’d just like to point out that we have no relation to the organisers of these giveaways. Said organisers may change the details and rules of their promotions on a whim, so check their official channels when you enter.

As we stated in our similar PlayStation 5 roundup the benefit to you, the reader, is that you can take part in all of these promotions as they are each run by different organisations.

Entry mechanisms here range wildly, from simply filling out a form to win, all the way to buying a whole new car. The latter is from Kia which is giving away the Series S and a year of Game Pass for each purchase of the Picanto Style. While that’s completely excessive, it’s the only inclusion on this list which is a sure thing, as the rest are random contests.

Comic Con 

How to enter: Go to this Google Form and fill it out. That’s it.

Closing Date: 1st December

Prize(s): 1 X Series X

More details in this link

Makro / Fanta

How to enter: Buy two 12 packs of 300ml Fanta cans. Entry is automatic after this.

Closing Date: 18th December

Prize(s): 22 X Series S

More details in this link


How to enter: Buy any of the following Kellogg’s cereals: Coco Pops (350g or 500g), Rice Krispies Vanilla (400g) or Rice Krispies (600g). These boxes of cereal will contain a unique code inside of them. Using this dial *120*832*UniqueCode# and following the instructions thereafter.

Closing Date: 31st January 2021

Prize(s): 60 X Series X each with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

More details in this link


How to enter: Buy a new Kia Picanto Style.

Closing Date: While stocks last

Prize(s): 1 X Series S plus a year of Xbox Game Pass with each purchase

More details in this link


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