htxt.africast – The arrival of the PlayStation 5

The year keeps winding down, but the africast keeps pitching up as we get deeper into November and the last leg of 2020.

For our shorter stories this week we start with Google and its ambitious plans to replace the flawed SMS system that has mostly been left behind as instant messaging services take its place. We also discuss the new Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, and Bungie’s unique decisions therein. Finally we stop on the news that Hitman developer IO Interactive have the James Bond licence and are working on something called Project 007.

The main story today, however, is the brand new PlayStation 5. It finally, officially, launched in South Africa yesterday (19th November). Thankfully we’ve had access to the console for some time now, so we can report on it, as well as its very limited pool of launch titles.

As the console continues to be sold out across the country, tune in to find out what the PS5 is like from the initial unboxing all the way up to long-term use.

Are those initial games worth purchasing a brand new console? Does that all-white look tarnish with use? We discuss all in this latest edition of the africast. We also do a bit of comparisons against the Series X|S, well as much as you can without Microsoft’s console actually in the room.

We cover just about everything for this new piece of hardware, but we also have a dedicated PlayStation 5 hub where you can find with all the resources you need.

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