Mathematics paper leaked hours before Matrics wrote it

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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has announced that the Matric Mathematics Paper 2 was leaked early yesterday morning, 16th November, just a scant few hours before students sat to write it.

While the exact origin of the leak is unknown at the moment, the department has stated that Matrics in Gauteng and Limpopo were able to access the paper.

“The Department verified the content of the question paper and found it to be the same as the question paper that was to be written at 9am. The Department of Basic Education is investigating the matter to establish the extent of the leak. Early sources point to the confinement of the leakage to a few learners located in these two provinces,” the DBE writes.

Law enforcement is also being included in this investigation.

In response to this announcement, worried students are fearing a rewrite of a new paper to replace the leaked one, though no official mention of this has been made. With less than a day since Matrics sat to write Mathematics Paper 2, it’s still early days in this story.

“The Department will investigate this matter fully and thoroughly and will utilize the mechanisms it has at its disposal which are part of the examination protocol to identify learners that may have had access to the paper. An appeal is made to all candidates to remain focused on the examination papers that are still to be written and be assured that the culprits that are at the centre of this despicable act will be dealt with harshly. Anybody with information regarding this matter must contact the Department of Basic Education and your anonymity will be guaranteed,” the DBE adds.

The mention of anonymity is particularity important here because, at the beginning of the month, the department stated that learners who do not report irregularities (such as paper leaks) will be counted as being complicit.

The 2020 matric exams began on 5th November and will continue until 15th December. Thereafter results will be released next year on 22nd January 2021.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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