Matrics need to report irregularities to avoid ‘being complicit’

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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) countdown to the 2020 Matric exams is now down to two days, and the department has released a statement pertaining to irregularities which may occur during the writing of these papers.

The media release made public recently touches on many aspects of the exam writing process as well as changes compared to previous years as well as current COVID-19 rules, such as the reduction of social distancing from two metres to one metre.

The relevant part of the announcement when it comes to irregularities reads as follows:

“Parents and learners have participated in pledge signing ceremonies, committing to a credible and fair examination process, as well to be made aware of the consequences if they are implicated in irregularities. Provinces have submitted plans for the finalisation of majority of the irregularities prior to the release of results, and for the management of irregularities at the marking centre. Learners are once again urged not to resort to any irregular practice either before or during the examination and to bring to the attention of the school principal any information that may relate to a breach in the examination. Even if the information is unsolicited, the failure of the learner to bring such information to the attention of the school principal constitutes an irregularity and the learner will be regarded as being complicit.”

The statement from the department does not explain what constitutes an irregularity but it has been described in the past as “malpractices that compromise the integrity of examinations on a large scale” and include actions such as leaking the exam paper ahead of students writing it.

As mentioned earlier the 2020 Matric exams season starts in just a couple of days on 5th November. The exams will come to a close on 15th December, and results are scheduled to be released on 22nd January 2021.

This exam season will be the largest the country has ever seen with more than a million students sitting for them.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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