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Peak Design, a premium camera and travel bag company based in the USA, have generously offered up their 3L Everyday Sling Bag to us to review. So while you might be thinking, why exactly is Hypertext reviewing a sling bag?, there is a perfectly acceptable reason.

Aside from the fact that we’ve reviewed multiple cameras over the years and have taken photos at events, the 3L Everyday Sling bag from Peak Design has a newfound purpose as a Nintendo Switch carry bag and this is what piqued our interest.

Everyday Usage

Before we get into that though, let’s talk a little bit about the bag’s specifications and what exactly makes it so special. The 3L Everyday Sling is the smallest in the Peak Design Everyday line of bags. These bags are aimed at the creative consumer who would like a premium bag that they can use daily.

Amateur or professional photographers alike will definitely love the 3L Everyday Sling since it packs a tonne of great features into a lightweight product.

The 3L Everyday Sling which we were provided with is the perfect size for a compact mirrorless camera. Should you have a larger DSLR, you may want to pick up the larger 6L version since it’ll give you more storage space to house your camera body and lens.

With each Everyday Sling Bag purchase you’ll get a “FlexFold” divider (More on this later), 2 cord hook external carry straps and of course, the bag itself. Pretty standard fare when it comes to bag purchases.

Weighing at around 0.55kg, the 3L Everyday Sling is perfectly portable and even when fully loaded up with a Nintendo Switch, the bag won’t cross the 1kg mark. This is great for users who would like to keep their Switch safely tucked away within a padded bag on their daily commute to work or elsewhere.

The Nintendo Switch fits quite snugly within the bag and there’s still plenty of room for a couple of games as well as other items. Users will have to detach the JoyCons from the Switch before placing it into the bag but thankfully there’s two really handy pockets within the bag’s main compartment that these can be safely stowed within.

The Everyday Sling bag itself is made out of 400D double poly-coated Durable Water Repellent (DWR) impregnated nylon canvas shell.

Peak Design states that the bag has been crafted from 100 percent recycled post-consumer material but looking at the bag, you’ll be forgiven for thinking this isn’t made from recycled material. The bag features a high visibility grey nylon interior and has two interior and one exterior compartments tucked away behind zips.

Anodised aluminium is used for the strap attachments and the zips are “UltraZips” which are touted as being far tougher than standard zips out there in the wild. It really does look and feel quite “premium” and we were quite impressed by the overall quality.

Flexible Division

Going back to the FlexFold divider, this is where the bag features a rather innovative design element. Users can fold the FlexFold in an Origami-inspired fashion to create different shapes which can be used within the bag to compartmentalise it further.

This helps with organising the contents you place inside the bag. For Nintendo Switch users, they could use this to separate the Switch itself from their games or from any other items they’ve placed in the bag while keeping things nice and tidy.

Now while the FlexFold is rather innovative, camera bags over the years have featured extra padded folds. However, it is rather great to see one included in Peak Design’s smallest and lightest bag in their Everyday line as this is something that may be expected or included only in larger bags. The two extra cord hooks included are also great if you want to attach anything extra to the bag.

The Everyday Sling can be worn as a sling or on your hip as a waist pack. The straps are easily adjustable and quite comfortable thanks to padding.The zips on the bag itself can be tucked into an anti-theft loop and users can therefore lock the bag with a travel lock quite easily should they need to.

The only minor gripe we have with the Everyday Sling is the clasp on the strap. Peak Design opted for a design that does not instill much long-term confidence in us. It does however seem easy enough to swap out for a more standard carabiner which may ultimately last longer.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Peak Design 3L Everyday Sling bag is a great bag that both Nintendo Switch gamers and photographers alike can use. It fits the Nintendo Switch perfectly and the bag’s overall quality really is top notch.

Apart from the minor gripe with the clasp, the bag would be a great daily usage item that could easily last a few years of usage. It may be a tad on the pricey side of things coming in at $64 at the time of writing this review, but it’s money well spent for a quality product.

It should also be noted though that if you’re purchasing this product in South Africa, you will be required to pay quite a hefty import fee, so be sure to factor that into the cost should you opt to purchase one of these bags.

Peak Performance

90% Score

Peak Design's 3L Everyday Sling Bag is a great companion bag for amateur and professional photographers or Nintendo Switch gamers. The Everyday Sling is a premium quality product at an equally premium price point that users will definitely get a lot of mileage out of.

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