Bombastic roguelike Synthetik comes to console on 16th December

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One of the best kept secrets on PC is Synthetik, a roguelike that borrows from RoboCop when it comes to a dirty near future where you gun down countless robots with an endless arsenal of massive firearms.

Now, thankfully, those on console will be able to experience the game come 16th December. On this day a few things will happen with the game.

Firstly it seems it will drop its “Legion Rising” subtitle and instead go by “Synthetik: ultimate”. This is a bit confusing because the Legion Rising name was also added later in the game’s life.

The console launch of the game later this month will be for Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Developer and co-publisher Flow Fire Games state that a version for PlayStation 4 is on its way and will be announced later.

All of this coincides with Update 26 to the game which has the following as highlights:

  • “New story elements at last!
  • A new final room after the Last Defender (The Armageddon Room!)
  • New rare enemy squads
  • The new Alchemy Shop with 12 new synergy items
  • Findable Ghetto blasters with new music tracks
  • UI improvements and many Balance changes
  • Weapon modding and a firing range for testing!”

We’ve been playing the game for some time now so these changes have us excited. While the shooter gameplay here is top notch there was never really a story to justify the immense amount of satisfying robot genocide, so we’re happy to see it added here.

The weapon modding is equally exciting as building up your arsenal is a key premise of the game, and a firing range is a godsend. Synthetik has some weapons which are difficult to use or come with some downsides to offset their power. The rarity of these speciality items means that you don’t get much of an opportunity to grow accustomed to them, so hopefully the firing range can offset this.

If you want to give Synthetik a try right now it’s available on PC through Steam and GOG. You can even give it a try for free thanks to Synthetik: Arena. This is a standalone, truncated version of the main experience which serves to introduce players to the chunky mechanics on offer.

If it wasn’t clear this game comes highly recommended from us. If you need more convincing you can check out the new trailer below, or this video from YouTuber SsethTzeentach. Just remember that the latter uses a lot of crude and shock humour, but the video is worth your time.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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