Xbox and Disney make Mandalorian controllers that you can’t buy

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Today season two of The Mandalorian concludes with its finale, and Xbox and Disney have made something great that you can’t actually buy: two custom controllers.

The pair have created a set of Xbox controllers featuring the Mandalorian himself as well as The Child, with each character drawn onto a controller in a unique colour.

“The custom controllers feature sketches of the now iconic Child wielding the Force and the steely Mandalorian’s beskar armored profile. Both designs have a pop of color – what we’re affectionately calling Tatooine tangerine for the Child and Tython turquoise for the Mandalorian,” reads an announcement from Elliott Hsu, Principal Designer at Xbox.


Unfortunately the only way to get these two custom jobs is to win them. Those who want to try their luck need to follow @Xbox, retweet this tweet with the hashtag #TheMandalorianXboxSweepstakes.

This contest can only be entered between now and 28th December but, yet another kick in the pants, it’s limited to those who live in the US.

We’re still not sure why big international companies still screw over the rest of the world when it comes to things like this. Disney+ not being offered in most countries we can kind of understand as licensing rights and laws are difficult to navigate. Shipping a box with two controllers in it, in comparison, should be extremely simple for companies like Microsoft and Disney.

If you’re a bit blue balled by this news we still want to highlight these controllers for their unique design. We’re also sure – but you didn’t hear this from us – that some talented controller customisers out there will probably be able to duplicate this. The world of custom controllers is full of talented people, so we’ll likely see some unofficial versions of this in the wild soon.

Alternatively maybe the interest in this giveaway will prompt the pair to release these as mass production products.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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