Cyberpunk 2077 unlock times in SA: midnight for consoles, 2AM on PC

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After many delays Cyberpunk 2077 will finally launch – for real this time – on 10th December.

While we have the date, the exact time everyone can start playing is a bit murky and, as with many big AAA releases, you need a big chart for the individual release times across the world.

Well, here that chart is. As you can see each country (or at least its time zone) is represented by a specific city. For South Africa that is Johannesburg and players will be able to get into Cyberpunk 2077 from 2AM local time on 10th December.


While that’s arguably the most important information, that small box in the bottom left may be equally relative.

The 2AM time is only for those on PC and Google Stadia. For console players the release time will instead be midnight local time on 10th December.

Also important for South Africans is the pre-load details so you can download this large game and be ready to play as soon as it unlocks.

Pre-load details are provided for the consoles: two days prior to the release on PlayStation 4, and a more exact metric for the Xbox One: 3rd December at 5PM CET. As CET is an hour behind South Africa, that will be 3rd December at 4PM for local players on Xbox One.

No pre-load time or date has been provided for PC. If you’ve already bought the game on that platform it’s best to check back when this feature becomes available on console.

Finally, in a bit of levity, the Cyberpunk 2077 account has replied to the announcement of these times by writing: “As so many of you are asking: Pantone 3945C”. 

This, of course, replies to the specific yellow colour that has been used for announcement related to the game. It has gained infamy after the most recent delay where it was used as the background. It’s since become a joke to share bad news by placing text over any yellow background, but now you have the exact colour to make your memes that much more authentic.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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