DBE challenging aspects of judgement, but no Matrics will rewrite leaked exams

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The 2020 Matric exams have been less than ideal, as COVID-19 threw the academic year into disarray. Following leaks exams a couple of weeks ago, it was thought that Matrics would have to rewrite said exams, but a judgement last week Friday deemed the decision illegal and set the matter aside.

Now the Department of Basic Education aims to challenge aspects of said decision, noting that credibility, integrity and fairness of the 2020 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination.

Thankfully though, the department will adhere to the decision taken by the court, and will not force Matric students into a rewrite, which no doubt would have thrown things into an even greater state of limbo.

“CEM (Council of Education Ministers) has noted a number of aspects in the judgment that cannot be left unchallenged. After consulting broadly and extensively with lawyers, the courts will be approached to correct those identified aspects of the judgement,” said the DBE in a statement over the weekend.

“CEM agreed that the Class of 2020 has been confronted by many challenges brought about by the pandemic; and it would therefore be unfair to further subject the Class of 2020, their teachers and parents to further uncertainties and exacerbate the anxieties they currently face,” the department added.

While this is good news for learners in what has already proved an extremely chaotic year, it does not look like the DBE is fully pleased with some of the elements raised by Judge Norman Davis last week Friday.

“Some of the findings of the court, are discordant with applicable basic education legislative provisions; and some findings were made against the Department on issues that were not even raised in the court papers. CEM was particularly concerned about the tone and language used by the Honourable Judge,” concluded the DBE.

Whether this will lead to more tangible changes for the department in terms of how future leaks are handled during Matric exams, remains to be seen.

Either way, this year’s cohort need not worry about the prospect of a rewrite.

[Image – CC0 Pixabay]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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