How to send screenshots & video from the Nintendo Switch to a phone

Up until now getting the screenshots and video off of your Nintendo Switch was a hassle, with the only two options being sharing on social media through the console’s terrible interface, or physically removing the SD card and connecting that to another device.

Thankfully this is no longer the case as a third option now exists: wireless transfer to your phone or table.

Update Ver.11.0.0 is now live on the console which allows for this functionality. See the step-by-step guide for this below and we’ll go over some of the intricacies afterward.

  1. Update your Nintendo Switch to version Ver.11.0.0 or later and reboot the console
  2. Go to “Album” from the homescreen
  3. Select the screenshot or video you’d like to move
  4. Tap A for “Posting and Editing”
  5. Select the “Send to Smart Device” option
  6. Choose between “Send Individually” for one item or “Send Multiple” for up to 10
  7. Open your phone or tablet’s QR scanner
  8. Your device will prompt you to connect to the Switch as a WiFi network
  9. Scan the QR code again to be taken to a webpage, which will house your screenshots and/or video
  10. Save your images and video, and close the webpage
  11. Select “Close” on your Nintendo Switch to end the transfer
  12. Switch back to you regular WiFi network on your phone or tablet.

The first thing to note here, if you haven’t used QR scanners in a long time, is that you likely don’t need a separate app on your device for them. The software already on your phone or tablet that handles the camera will likely be able to read QR codes, so try the regular camera first and look out for options to scan.

If one doesn’t pop up look around your settings, and only then consider getting a third party app.

It’s a bit odd that you need to connect to the Nintendo Switch as a wifi network but it works really well. Even for the larger videos the process is rather smooth and we’re impressed that this change was finally implemented after years of asking for it in the community.

When you’re done moving your media across don’t forget step 12 above to reconnect to your wifi network. Forgetting may result in burning up expensive mobile data.

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