htxt.africast – A recap of an already infamous 2020

2020 is finally over. Well it will be soon. As many of us take the holiday break we’ll return to work in 2021 free of the horrors of 2021. Hopefully. Let’s talk about what happened this year before we purge it in this week’s africast.

Of course the coronavirus and its effect on the world of tech as well as South Africa will be our main talking point. From the early trade shows that still soldiered on to the endless livestreams and zoom meetings, the world’s main sources of announcements moved online but lost much of the attention of the public.

In South Africa lockdown continues to be a part of every day life as we enter a second wave of COVID-19. Local institutions such as rAge also moved online but failed to make an impact much like most of the big international events. When your product is a physical experience whose main selling points is packing people into a giant hall to all touch and experience the same thing, replacing things with a livestream just doesn’t have the same impact, and we definitely saw that.

On to lighter things and we have to discuss the games of this year. Despite numerous delays and many titles being pushed into next year, 2020 was still a great time for gamers. Despite many new games costing more, microtransactions and general scandal in the industry which seems to break weekly, it does seem like we’re in a golden year of faming where every month a new contender comes out for best game you’ve ever played.

That certainly happened to us this year so if you’re looking for something to play during your holiday you can take some recommendations from us.

Oh, and our header image is from the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season seven finale. 

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