htxt.africast – The rocky Cyberpunk 2077 start

It is finally here. After being announced seven years ago Cyberpunk 2077 has been released to the public. We, along with countless others, have also been exploring Night City.

Before we report back on that, let’s talk about what else has been happening in the real world, because it hasn’t all been Cyberpunk.

The city of Joburg has allocated more resources to licencing centres during the festive season so backlogs can be cleared and those hoping to travel during the holidays can do so legally.

Next up it’s Lenovo who has taken the new world of flexible displays and applied it to a notebook. An impressive piece of tech for those with R69 999 to burn on the ThinkPad X Fold.

And, finally, Pornhub can no longer be paid for with Mastercard and Visa, after allegations of poor practice when it comes to illegal sexual content on the site surface.

On to Cyberpunk 2077 then and, well, things have been rather rough. While we’ve been enjoying our time in the game, we’ve continually been stymied by problems both in terms of technical issues and game design choices.

In these early days the latest title from CD Projekt Red is proving to be a diamond in the rough that will require months, if not years, to get the polish it deserves. We’ll have a full review on the game soon which will go over everything discussed in the podcast in more depth. Hopefully in the later hours of the game these early issues will be smoothed out.

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