Loóna & Disney+ feature in Google Play Best of 2020 awards

As we count the days to the end of a chaotic 2020, lists and awards summarising the year in technology have begun to surface. We’ve already seen Spotify weigh in, and now it’s the turn of Google Play which has revealed its Best of 2020 app award winners.

While year end lists can be a little uninteresting, this year’s ones have proved intriguing given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on our everyday way of life.

An example of this is sleep app Loóna being award as the best of 2020 by Google Play. Like many sleeps apps, Loóna tracked user’s sleep patterns and provided guided routines to find the best possible states for REM-specific sleep, but it also focused on tackling negative emotions that ay have accumulated throughout the course of the day.

As such, it is features like that which could prove particularly helpful during the stress-filled pandemic era we live in, and will continue to be in for some time.

Looking at the other big award winner, Disney+ was voted as the Best app of 2020 by those in the United States, pointing to the fact that people wanted a bit of escapism this year, and turned to streaming platforms in particular to do so.

Given a lot of early success the platform has had this year, it still remains to be seen when, and indeed if, it will launch in South Africa.

As for the other apps and games which got a specific mention from Google Play, Chris Hemsworth’s workout app Centr got a mention, as did behavioural modification app  Intellect, along with Sky: Children of the Light and Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells being singled out.

You can see all the categories and winners of this year’s Google Play Best of 2020 here.


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