PC / Nintendo Switch cross-saves arrive in Hades

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Isometric action roguelike Hades – available only on PC and Nintendo Switch right now – has been updated to support cross-saves between the two supported platforms.

Aside from updating your Switch copy of the game to the latest version, developer Supergiant Games provides this quick guide to enabling the feature from the Nintendo console:

  1. “Select ‘cross-saves’ in the main menu
  2. Connect your Steam or Epic Games account
  3. All Set! Pause and quit to upload save data”

On Twitter the developer also replied to one commenter reminding people to use different save slots and make use of the in-game help.

“Please be sure that your progress is in different save slots between PC and Switch! Instructions on how to move your PC saves to a different slot are in the Help & Info section on Switch (you just rename the save file),” writes Supergiant Games.

If you’ve not played Hades yet it comes highly recommended from us and just about everyone on the internet. On Steam alone it has 90 691 reviews overall with 98 percent of them being positive. It can be bought on the aforementioned Steam (R150), Epic games Store (R128.99) and the Nintendo eShop (R450).

We’re still not sure why it’s so much more expensive on the eShop compared to the other platforms. We know there’s a Switch tax, but triple the price of Steam is ridiculous.

Finally we have to mention the great drawing of Hermes carrying a sack of floppy disks which was made to announce the cross-save feature. We’ve cropped it for the header image above but you can see the full version below. It’s been drawn by Supergiant Games’ art director Jen Zee.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.