Start the New Year with a powerful and lightweight Huawei notebook

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2020 has been less than ideal for most South Africans, but with the New Year around the corner comes the promise of better times ahead. It also means you can start 2021 off on the right foot, whether it is working from home in the new normal or even if you’re starting the next chapter of your academic life.

To aid you in the New Year, you’ll also need some equally new hardware, which for Huawei means its latest range of notebooks – the MateBook X Pro, the MateBook D15 and MateBook D14.

All three have been released locally in 2020, with the X Pro being the latest offering. It also happens to be the most powerfully specced of the trio, making it particularly ideal for those who want a new notebook to assist them while remote working.

The pandemic has shown that aspects like battery life, processor performance and collaborative features have become all the more important when choosing a notebook for the work from home (WFH) era.

The flagship

Luckily, the MateBook X Pro boasts all of the above and more. It should also be noted that the MatBook D series is also well appointed, but it is the X Pro which is the flagship model here.

To that end it features a 3K resolution-sporting 13.9″ FullView Display that delivers a near borderless visual experience thanks to a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Added to that is a thin and premium aluminium chassis that comes in at a lightweight 1.33kg, making it perfect for those needing a portable notebook.

Other noteworthy elements include a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, generous 15 hours of battery life for day-to-day work and Huawei Share collaborate features to assist when pairing Huawei devices for quick and seamless transfers.

The new Huawei South African online store is selling the MateBook X Pro from R34 999 (RRP), as well as bundling it with a free gift to the value of R5 999, throwing in additional value at no extra cost, which Huawei does on a regular basis.

The all-rounders

If the X Pro does not meet your academic-focused needs, there is the MateBook D 15 and MateBook D 14 available. Both notebooks offer exceptional value for money, large and vibrant displays, and do not compromise when it comes to performance.

The key difference between the two models is size, with the D 15 featuring a 15″ FullView Display and the D 14 touting a 14″ flavour.

Luckily both models feature the same options as far as processor, RAM and storage are concerned. To that end, local consumers have the choice of either an AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 system on chip (SoC), along with 8GB of RAM and two choices of SSD – 256GB or 512GB.

Further hammering home its desire for value for money to its consumers, both the D 14 and D 15 start at R13 499 (RRP) for the Ryzen 5 model. There’s only a minimal difference when you look at the Ryzen 7-powered models, with the D14 costing R16 999 and the D 15 retailing for R15 999.

Added to this is a free gift worth R2 999 being bundled with whichever version of MateBook D you opt for.

All the MateBook series notebooks can be purchased from the Huawei SA online store, as well as Vodacom, Telkom, Incredible Connection, Computer Mania and Hi-Online.



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