Three leaked teaser vids gives us best look yet at Galaxy S21 5G

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Leaked information for upcoming smartphone launches are part and parcel of the mobile industry, but it seems like Samsung is more prone to extensive leaks for its hardware than other manufacturers. Case in point the Galaxy S21 5G, which we have now seen in greater detail thanks to three rendered teaser videos for the device.

Coming across the leak is Android Police, which posted GIFs of the three teaser videos here. The general concept for all three is the same, with the key difference between the colour options that the device will come in.

There also seems to be a new lilac option with gold accents, which should certainly appeal to the more ostentatious consumer.

While the full look of the phone has not been showcased in the videos, we have seen one of the key elements – the camera housing – which seemingly plays host to five different lenses. The penta-lens setup looks to exclusive to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, with the regular and Plus models opting for three instead.

As such we could see Samsung once again focus on a large number of megapixels and zooming capabilities for this Ultra model. The Ultra also has an additional design flourish of a curved display, harkening back to the Galaxy S flagship phones of a few years ago.

As for 5G, it looks like it will be supported as standard on all three models, much like Apple has done for its iPhone 12 lineup. It is unclear, however, what silicon and modem will be powering that functionality.

More than likely the latest out of Qualcomm’s foundry will be present, but Samsung’s own Exynos division may also have something in the works, given that the company is working with Verizon to build its 5G network in the States.

With much of the phones now out in the open, the only missing aspect is when Samsung plans to officially unveil and launch the Galaxy S21 series. For now, it is widely believed that it could be as early as January next year.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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