Vodacom Business makes tech simple and affordable for SMEs

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Every election season something we’ve grown so accustomed to hearing is that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, but once the votes have been tallied, it seems small businesses are forgotten about.

So just how important are small businesses to the local economy?

A report from McKinsey & Company reveals that SMEs represent 98 percent of local businesses and employ 50 to 60 percent of South Africa’s workforce.

But this doesn’t make the task of running an SME any easier. In fact that same report from McKinsey & Company outlines several challenges including:

  1. Limited access to low and medium-term funding
  2. Low awareness of opportunities and a lack of financial knowledge
  3. Slowing demand has led to SMEs having to limit expansion plans
  4. Access to markets
  5. Liquidity and cash flow management are limited

All of these challenges have a multitude of solutions, but something that is key is the use of technology to lower costs and become more efficient.

Vodacom Business has recently launched a number of solutions and services aimed at assisting SMEs in their digital transformation journey. What’s more is that these solutions are built with an SME in mind, with costs tailored to your business’ needs.

For example, rather than spending hours and countless funds developing a project planning system, why not make use of Microsoft Project. This application lets you plan your projects out with familiar features and reports for everything from burndown charts to financial reports, all at the click of a button.

But Microsoft Project is just one of many solutions Vodacom Business has tailored to meet the needs of SMEs.

Whether your business is only starting to embrace digital or you’ve entrenched yourself so deeply in the cloud you’ve forgotten what a physical file server looks like, Vodacom has a solution for you.

What’s more is that Vodacom Business will work with you to find the best solution for your business rather than simply selling you a product and leaving you to your own devices.

With Vodacom Business solutions for SMEs, you’re not just getting access to technology, but an expert guide on the journey to embracing the new digital economy.

Whether your business caters to your local community or you have global aspirations, get in touch with Vodacom Business today to find out more about how your business can use technology to gain a competitive edge.



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